It's all in
the preparation!


We've brought together a number of things to help you take on your DofE Adventure or DofE Challenge.

DofE Adventure starter guide

Packed with information about the Adventure and fundraising tips

Adventure fundraising poster

Fill it in to advertise your fundraising to colleagues or in local shops.                      

Challenge fundraising poster

Tell people what your challenge is and how they can support you.                                                       

JustGiving page top tips

Adventure booklet

Information about the DofE Adventure in a handy guide, including more detail about the logistics. Download and share!

DofE Adventure 2017 – Kit Guide

Make sure you've got all the kit you need for the Adventure!

DofE Adventure17 25km 12-Week Plan

DofE Adventure17 25km 16-Week Plan

DofE Adventure17 50km 12-Week Plan

DofE Adventure17 50km 16-Week Plan

DofE Challenge Leaflet

Use this downloadable leaflet to share news of the DofE Challenge and DofE Adventure with your friends, family and colleagues.              

Adventure kit guide

Gives advice about the kit you'll need plus DofE Recommended kit. Includes a checklist to help make sure you're ready on the day.

Adventure sponsorship form

If you'd prefer not to collect sponsorship for the DofE Adventure online, download and print this form.

Challenge sponsorship form

If you'd prefer not to fundraise for your DofE Challenge online, download and print this form.